Upgrading to Bell Aliant FibreOp

I’ve decided to take the plunge and upgrade the internet from my ISP. I currently have their “High-Speed” internet which is 7Mbps download and 640 Kbps upload. While it’s not horrible slow, I wouldn’t mind some more speed, so I’m upgrading to their FibreOp which was just recently rolled out in my area. With the FibreOp I should have speeds of 20Mbps download and 15Mbps upload, at the same price I was paying.

They’re supposed to be here sometime today, so after they’ve come and gone I’ll take an “After” speed test and post the results here.

Before w/ Bell Aliant High-Speed Internet

Bell Aliant FibreOp Internet (20/15)

New Shows Coming in 2012-13 (ABC)

Now that the 2011-12 TV season is pretty much all wrapped up it the new shows for the 2012-13 season are being announced.
Here are a few coming to ABC that I’m looking forward to.

666 Park Avenue

A Blast From The Past

I’ve recently decided to dig my old NES, SNES and N64 out of my parents basement. For the most part they’ve just been collecting dust for the last 10-15 years, so I didn’t even know what I’d find, if I did even find them. Low and behold, my brother has acquired a few more games over the years (that have also pretty much just been collecting dust), mostly from friends that had no use for them anymore, so I wrangled them all up and brought them home.

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Hello 2012, What’s up?

Seeing as how 2011 has come, and gone, and I only made 2 posts last year (that almost beats my record), I figured I should make an update. A lot has changed since my last post in August.

We’ve moved from a 2 bedroom apartment with a decent sized balcony, to a 3 bedroom house with a yard, a big driveway and an essentially unfinished basement, for only a little more than we were paying per month for the apartment. The kids love having a yard to run around in, and playing with their friends next door. I love the fact that there’s more space in the house, so we can watch TV after the kids have gone to bed and not have to worry about waking everyone up, and having a “workshop” downstairs where I can do whatever I want and not make a mess through the rest of the house… and I’m sure my wife is very grateful for that too.

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2011-12 TV Season – New Shows I’m Looking Forward To

It’s almost the end of August, September will be here soon, and that means that all the new shows will be starting up soon. These are a few of the new shows that I plan on checking out. I don’t expect them to all be great shows, but within the first few episodes I should be able to tell whether they’re worth watching or not. Check out all of the YouTube clips after the break.

Last Man Standing
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